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We could have been content with doing activation, but since we’re high achievers, we wanted to go a little further. So every day, we challenge brands and their essence to give life to an augmented version of their history and to offer them a deeper relationship with their clients.

L'UzyneBrand Activation Group

Our Work

At L’Uzyne, we’re firm believers that a good (activation) campaign is only efficient when it’s built through an integrated approach.

That’s why we collaborate with our clients on the whole value chain of their project, from insight analysis & touchpoints identification to the conception & production of the creative idea. Each new project is an opportunity to build a dedicated and tailored team made of internal workforce and the best local and international contributors.

About Us

Our ambition?
To contribute daily
to build a more virtuous business

In fact? we act, for real.

Beyond the quest for prestigious certification, we commit to major actors with whom we redefine the frame of our work, by rethinking processes and betting on long term impact.

Our Solutions

Infuse emotion into commercial performance

Having a double Sport’ and Shopper’ DNA means infusing, at every stage of our thinking, emotion into commercial performance to create relevant and innovative campaigns. Our favorite playgrounds? Retail, outstore, sport and e-sport!

  • Street Marketing
  • Commercial Animation
  • Malls Tour
  • Pop-up Store
  • In-store Events
  • Sponsoring Activation
  • Ski Stations Tour
  • Sporting Events
  • Beaches Tour
  • Festivals
  • Road Show
  • 360 Events

We can’t wait to meet you ;)

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