It all started in 1996 when Milka became a sponsor of the Ski world cup. An obvious partnership for the mauve cow brand which has always been promoting its good Alps milk and iconic groundhog.

Obvious for sure, but with such vast possibilities that the main challenge was to find a global meaning to avoid off-piste! (also obvious, but we had to).

That’s how the Pistes Mauves were born, playful trails to raise awareness amongst all ages and familiarize them with the mountains!

More than a meeting with the public, this activation became the starting point of an adventure that flew way beyond the snow-capped summits, and landed straight in the heart of city dwellers!

The Milka Pistes Mauves, a must for families ;)

  • Ski Resorts Tour
  • Roadshow
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Commercial Animation

Did you know? Over the years, the Pistes Mauves became a real unmissable meeting point for families and the concept transformed across different formats: afternoon snacks during the school holidays, mauve trails for hikers and even a private hire of the Stade de France for an XXL event in partnership with Secours Populaire.

In 2009, Milka also became the main sponsor for the Ski world championship in Val d’Isère. Beyond painting the entire station mauve, L’Uzyne helped the brand create synergies with prestigious sportsmen through sport sponsorship consultancy projects.

Milka and L’Uzyne—a tale of slow branding done right that reminds us that to reach new heights, you sometimes have to take your time!