“Where everybody knows your name…” How to deal with a brand that has chosen to service over 100 new French towns?

That’s the challenge L’Uzyne rose to for Deliveroo by putting together an ultra-targeted, multi-local action plan!

By combining tactical local activations (local partnerships, festivals…) and strategic roll-outs across 100 French towns (street marketing, social media, relationship marketing…), the brand could reach its target directly and embody its will to be closer than ever to the consumer #livrépartout.

5 600 Km cycled
200+ hired cyclists

  • Street Marketing
  • Commercial Animation
  • Festivals
  • Multi-local Activation

Thanks to this strategy and over just a few months, Deliveroo took part in the 5th edition of the Lyon Street Food Festival, did a stunt with McDonald’s and activated dozens of street marketing campaigns with fake delivery riders!

The perfect Deliveroo × L’Uzyne recipe: proximity and engagement!

An ongoing operation, so when you’re wandering around, keep your eyes peeled as you might cross paths with one of our Deliveroo ambassadors!