Present for over 30 years in Sub-Saharan Africa, the oil group and the football player share a history and common values: to champion this expanding continent, where many talents are just waiting for their full potential to be revealed.

In its latest advert, the group wanted to highlight its activities as an energy provider (gas, petrol but also lubricants) and more importantly its impact: in the heart of the cities, close to the population, even in the most isolated places.

Because you may not know this, but Oryx isn’t just an energy provider: everywhere the group rolls out infrastructures, opportunities are born, offering local populations the ability to spread their potential and reach their ambitions.

And to embody the power of this continent, Oryx called on international football player Sadio Mané (what better wingman than a winger!) for an exclusive and innovative partnership. A chance for the sportsman, very popular in Africa, to reinforce his commitment to a whole generation of fans!

From an ad … to a fully grown brand platform.

  • Global Campaign
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Network Activation
  • Digital

Beyond a TV advert across 17 countries, the whole brand platform was imagined to highlight the impact of each of Oryx’s solutions on the ground.

Petrol, gas, or lubricant, every product advert and every visual plays with Sadio Mané to showcase the performance of Oryx’s products in everyday action!

The campaign comes with an operational and local tactical roll-out to promote through retailers (shops, gas stations …) closer to the consumer than ever!

A co-production made possible thanks to local teams in each country, from shooting in Liverpool to 18 days filming on Oryx’ grounds, meaning over 40 contributors!